The Genucel System

My Experience with Genucel

The 5 Step Genucel Stystem 

The Genucel System, Chamonix’s most popular line, incorporates plan stem cells in combination with Eyeseryl for a complete skin care routine to tackle high priority anti-aging skin goals. These products work best to reduce the appearance of puffiness and bags under your eyes. On a larger scale the Genucel System is a comprehensive set of products for your general skin needs, intended to be applied daily to see the greatest results.

Step 1: Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy 

In order to promote youthful skin around your eyes, apply the plant-based skin cell therapy on noticeable bags and the skin directly under eyes. Eyeseryl®, one of Genucel’s active ingredients, reduces the appearance of puffiness and tired skin. In clinical testing, Genucel participants applied only 1% of the ingredient, Eyeseryl®, and saw noticeable improvements to the under-eye area after 15 days. On day 15, 70% of participants reported progress to sagging skin. 95% of participants reported the same by the end of the testing. 

Step 2: Apply the Genucel Eyelid Treatment 

This new product from Chamonix is rich in Vitamin E, an essential vitamin for slowing your skin’s natural aging process. Genucel’s eyelid treatment also includes peptide proteins for softer looking skin around the eyes. Peptide proteins target the droopy skin above the eyes that is difficult to conceal with normal make up products. Few skin care lines include a specific treatment for the eyelids, as this skin can be particularly sensitive and difficult to target. One of my favorite products in the Genucel line, the Genucel Eyelid Treatment will bring your eyes a fresh look over time.

Step 3: Genucel XV Treatment 

In this third step, we recommend generously applying Genucel’s XV treatment. Genucel’s most recent generation of anti-wrinkle technology is also their silkiest product for a general face cream targeting wrinkles. Best applied to a recently cleansed face, the XV treatment incorporates calendula flower and essential oil extracts to add maximum moisture to skin that is prone to dryness. Keeping your face hydrated is key to keeping a youthful appearance. Genucel XV uses Plant Stem Cell technology with new peptides, hyaluronic acid, CoQ10, along with Enzyme Activation™ group (vitamins B3, B6) to trap moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Step 4: Genucel Immediate Effects 

Genucel’s Immediate Effects attempts to offer a quick intervention to noticeable wrinkles, crows feet and brow lines. This product includes patented Relaxoderm Technology for safe and fast acting results that last up to a full day. This product is especially convenient a few hours before a big event after a week of being in the sun or a day of being dehydrating. If you notice your skin looking less youthful and those lines more coarsely noticeable, Genucel’s Immediate Effects is a nice supplement for those last minute needs. Ingredients include Relaxoderm Technology, GABA, and Gynostemma.

Step 5: Genucel Dark Spot Corrector

Lastly, we recommend applying Genucel’s Dark Spot corrector to clean skin 2 to 3 times daily. We enjoy the duality of this product. When applied to the entire face, the dark spot corrector can be used as a more intense way to increase brightening effects. Targeting your most noticeable dark spots with this corrector is effect to fade the appearance of averall pigmentation and even out skin tone. Ingredients include, Lumiskin, Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen, Alpha-Arbutin and Stay-C.